Thursday, July 02, 2015

CFL -- Week Two

Week number two finds a number of CFL teams scrambling to find some support at the QB position as injuries take their toll and depth charts get shredded.

When they're not using up their minutes on the cel phone, coaches and GM's are reviewing the game video of week number one, eager to point to a need to adjust to the leagues new rules, which found the CFL's officials making much use of their flags over the four games of the debut week.

Week two provides home openers in two locations, with the Blue Bombers and RedBlacks opening the gates to the home crowd for the first time in the Regular season campaign, while the Als will host their second consecutive home game for 2015.

Saskatchewan also returns to Mosaic Field for week number two, as the Argonaut's the CFL's Road warriors for the year, continue on with their wandering of the CFL's dessert, though unlike last week's visit to Fort McMurray, the travels to Regina actually do count in the road category.

Below our archive for week number two.
Check back regularly through the weekend for updated material.

Thursday, July 2

Hamilton Tiger Cats 52 at Winnipeg Blue Bombers 26

Ticats winners, before game even begins

Game Reviews: Game Recap  Stats Review Highlights


Friday, July 3

Calgary Stampeders 11 at Montreal Alouettes 29

With team facing QB injury woes, Alouettes must rely on defence more than ever

Game Reviews: Game Recap Stats Review Highlights


Saturday, July 4

British Columbia Lions 16 at Ottawa RedBlacks 27

Lions Elimimian still having to validate himself

Game Reviews: Game Recap Stats Review Highlights


Sunday, July 5 

Toronto Argonauts at Saskatchewan Roughriders
2:30 PM ST, 3:30 PM ET, 12:30 PT

Game Reviews: Game Recap Stats Review Highlights

Sunday, June 28, 2015

CFL Scoreboard 2015

The Road towards the 103rd Grey Cup is underway, with week one setting the twenty three week course to Winnipeg and the CFL championship game at the end of November.

Below is our archive of scores from the 2015 season, tracked on a week to week bases

The full CFL schedule can be found here.

TSN hosts all of this years CFL broadcasts in Canada, while ESPN will be broadcasting CFL action on a number of platforms in the USA and worldwide.

TSN Website
ESPN Website

Regular Season

Week Two

12 Men Preview Page

July 2 -- Hamilton 52 at Winnipeg 26 (27,279 )
July 3 -- Calgary 11 at Montreal 29 ( 19,111 )
July 4 -- British Columbia 16 at Ottawa 27 ( 24,376  )
July 5 -- Toronto at Saskatchewan (  2:30 ST, 3:30 ET, 12:30 PT )

Week One

12 Men Preview page

June 27 -- Winnipeg 30 at Saskatchewan 26 (32,228)
June 27 -- Edmonton 11 at Toronto 26 (4,900) at Fort McMurray
June 26 -- Hamilton 23 at Calgary 24 (28,487)
June 25 -- Ottawa 20 at Montreal 16 (21,524)

Pre Season Week Two

June 19 -- Edmonton 18 vs BC 13
June 19 -- Calgary 37 vs Saskatchewan 29
June 19 -- Hamilton 26 vs Winnipeg 15
June 18 -- Toronto 30 vs Montreal 10

Pre Season Week One

June 13 -- Saskatchewan 24 at Edmonton 31
June 13 -- Montreal 26 vs Ottawa 9
June 12 -- BC 6 vs Calgary 20
June 9 -- Winnipeg 34 vs Toronto 27
June 8 -- Ottawa 10 vs Hamilton 37

Thursday, June 25, 2015

A few rule changes along the way for 2015

As the CFL kicks off the 2015 season, long time followers will be noticing a few changes in the rules for the year ahead, designed to bring a bit more offence to the game and reward the risk takers.

Most noticeable will be the impact on the kicking game, with convert attempts now shifted twenty yards back, making for a thirty two yard attempt, perhaps changing the automatic nature of the extra point and giving head coaches to instead give the two point version a shot, that attempt now to start closer to the goal line.

A few of the other more interesting twists to the rules could open up the offensive play quite significantly as well.

Changes for linemen on punts could see an increase is some spectacular kick returns as more space appears for kick return specialists.

Defensive Backs will have to mind their hands, with an expansion on the illegal contact rules could see an increase in pass interference and contact calls down field.

The CFL's introduction to the new rules can be found below:

Major rule changes approved by CFL Governors
CFL Rules committee proposes significant changes for 2015

For the most part, those that cover the CFL for radio, TV, print and other media options are finding that there is much to like about the rule book makeover.

CFL's new boss predicts a more exciting, unpredictable game
Innovative CFL rule changes; it's about time
CFL introducing new rules this season in an effort to make games more exciting
CFL's rule changes will make returners like Brandon Banks more dangerous
CFL makes rule changes in hopes of increasing offence
Extra points pushed back 20 yards under new CFL rule changes
CFL explains rule changes for upcoming season
CFL rule changes put premium on protection
New longer converts add wrinkle in CFL
Controversial new CFL rule set to make life difficult for defensive backs

CFL -- Week One -- Time for Kickoff

We're shaking off the cobwebs and dusting the corners of the blog, making ready for another year of the CFL, with the always hopeful note of keeping our momentum up beyond the Labour Day classics.

Something we admit that at times we haven't been very good at delivering on, but at the start of the season hope springs eternal and with a renewed commitment we're determined to see the season to the very end.

Training camps have wrapped up, the final cuts made and the rosters set, with a few potential additions hidden off on the taxi squads awaiting a chance to show their stuff for CFL crowds sometime in the future.

A few new rules to jazz things up for 2015 will have us (and most likely one or two coaches along the way) scratching heads for the first few weeks, while everyone settles in for the long march to November.

There's some room for optimism for the CFL this season, the new stadiums of Winnipeg, Hamilton and Ottawa head into their second year of operation (a little newer in the case of Hamilton) and the Toronto situation once again seems to be settled for now, though there remains work on a long term fix for the Argos and a football home.

For the head office, the 2015 season gets underway with Canadians love of the three down game still a strong affection, while hockey continues to be the passion for many, the CFL still claims the heart holding a strong grasp on the second spot of sports that Canadian follow.

After a long winter, the first game of the regular season brings on summer and with it fall, the two season spread that takes us to Grey Cup Sunday in late November.

Before we get there though, there's going to be a lot of football to follow, lets get to it...

The full schedule for the 2015 season can be found here.

Below our archive of week one events, as we kick off our work for the 2015 CFL season.
Check back regularly through the weekend for updated material.

Thursday, June 25 

Ottawa RedBlacks 20 at Montreal Alouettes  16

Alouettes and RedBlacks kick off 2015 campaign

Game Reviews: Game Recap  Stats Review Highlights


Friday, June 26 

Hamilton Tiger-Cats 23 at Calgary Stampeders 24

Ticats a team poised and positioned to strike

Game Reviews: Game Recap Stats Review Highlights


Saturday, June 27 

Edmonton Eskimos 11 at Toronto Argonauts 26 (at  Fort McMurray, AB) 

Embattled Argos set to open lame-duck season at home, sort of

Game Reviews: Game Recap Stats Review Highlights


Saturday, June 27 

Winnipeg Blue Bombers 30 at Saskatchewan Roughriders 26

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Remember your please and thank you's on the field...

Something to keep our minds focused on those warm spring days ahead when the CFL kicks off the 2015 Training camp season.

The month of February features a Family Day holiday for a number of provinces in Canada and in a bit of a stretch, we highlight the event with a look at how Family Guy views a CFL training camp.

We suspect it isn't quite as polite as all this, but we imagine that the CFL doesn't mind the 23 second burst of recognition.

CFL releases 2015 Schedule

It may seem a fair bit away's just yet, but the CFL season isn't as far off as you might think, with the league releasing the 2015 schedule last week.

The first competitive hit between teams takes place on June 8th when Ottawa and Hamilton kick off the Pre-season, putting in motion three weeks of evaluation and position battles that will see coaches and GM's settle on their opening day rosters.

Ottawa will also get the honour of kicking off the Regular season, a June 25th trek to Montreal to take on the Alouettes. The first game of the 2015 season that will take us to the third Sunday of November and the Grey Cup, this year hosted by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

For the most  part the Schedule makers have tried to ensure that the usual rivalry games are kept in place and as even a distribution of home and away treks is balanced through the year.

The exception this year being the lot of the Toronto Argonauts, as Stadium issues and the Pan AM games combining to make the Boatmen more like Vikings travelling the oceans for weeks at a time.

Included in the Argo frustrations, a season opening home game to be hosted in Fort McMurray, Alberta, featuring the Edmonton Eskimos as the opposition, something that probably ends any dreams of a home field advantage on June 27th.

As well, with Canada hosting the 2015 Women's FIFA World Cup this year, a number of CFL stadiums will be in use, leaving Ottawa, Edmonton and BC looking to host a game away from their comfortable home environment.

Fort McMurray, almost gets that valued tenth CFL franchise status it seems,  as the Northern Alberta city will also be hosting a pre-season game between the Esks and Riders

The Argos won't have a "real" home game until near the middle of August,  the majority of their early season to be spent wandering the stadiums of Western Canada.

Perhaps in adversity they will find a common cause, though being the CFL's Bedouin's of the year should provide no shortage of challenges for the Argos for the first half of the season.

The full schedule for 2015 can be found here, some background on the league's creation is reviewed here.

You can keep up to date on CFL developments through their website and twitter feed

Follow the Twelve men blog on twitter as well here.

A New Year, A new resolution for a little more longevity...

Still a few months away, but
CFL Training camps are on the way
OK, here's the plan, we're going to shake some of the cobwebs from the blog and see what kind of a playbook we can put together for the 2015 season.

Yes, we know, we've said this before, but with Spring on its way (trust us east of BC, this is the truth, it is on the way, one day) and CFL training camps in the planning stages, a new season is almost upon us.

With that, we'll issue our hopeful forecast of a more dedicated effort towards blogging on CFL issues this season, we're reviewing where things would get congested last year and with a bit of a refocus we think we'll be able to provide a more consistent effort through the year.
We have a few new ideas
for the 2015 season

Well, we hope, that's the case.

With a soft spot for the three down game in our heart, the thought of ending this overview of the CFL isn't something that we want to give serious thought to, so with that, onward, upward to the publish button we go.

Through the next few months leading up to the start of training camps, we'll keep an eye on the Free
Agent situation, as well as developments as the nine squads look to the June training period.

Posts may not be on a daily basis through these next few weeks, but we'll endeavour to at least keep the pilot light burning as we revamp our presentation.

For those that have continued to click on the site, it's that interest that has spurred on this review and from it we're hoping to be back on track shortly.

Stick around, we have some ideas that we think might just keep this ole blog tossing the ball around for another season.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

CFL 2014: Week Eight

We will admit to being caught by surprise with a Tuesday game slipping by us almost un-noticed, leaving us with no preview to offer as week eight got off to an early start.

We're not particularly sold on the idea of Tuesday night football as something that the Toronto market was clamouring for (and by their attendance it didn't seem to make much of a difference) but there they were the Argos and the Bombers out on the field.

Making for a pretty short turn around period for the Double Blue who will double dip week eight with a Sunday night wrap to week against the Lions.

So, with one game already entered into the books, we'll rattle off the remainder of the week in a more timely fashion.

Things ramp up again on Friday night, when the Eskimos travel to Ottawa, looking for the opportunity to continue on with the Western domination of the East that has marked the early stages of the 2014 season.

Saturday brings us a pair of games, Calgary heads into Hamilton, hoping to find the Cats still a snake bit kind of squad. In recent weeks, the Cats have shown a lot of promise, but little finish. While the Stamps on the other hand are all finish, setting the benchmark for success in the West so far this year.

The nightcap to Saturday finds the struggling Alouettes in Regina to take on the defensively tough Roughriders. The Also are having no shortage of woes on offence this year, making Saturday possibly another long night of tests as they face down a Riders squad that has made defensive play their calling card so far this year.

The weekend wraps up with the Argonauts home for the second time in less than five days, looking to side step the BC Lions.  The Argos appear to be the only Eastern team that to this point in the season looks to be able to provide a challenge to the western teams, with the David Braley western branch of the firm looking to take a win out away from their eastern partners  as the week comes to an end.

Results and other commentaries on week eight and nine to follow may be a little tardy, we'll be on the road for much of the next ten days, so our dispatches may not be the most timely of efforts, we hope to be on a more consistent basis by the Labour Day showdowns.

The previews and reviews for week eight can be found below:

Tuesday, August 12 -- Winnipeg 21 at Toronto 38   ( 18,106 Game Preview-- ( video ) Argos, Bombers kick off Week 8 with Tuesday tilt

Video Highlights-- Winnipeg/Toronto
Game Recap--
Stats Pack-- Winnipeg/Toronto

Game Reviews:

12 Men--  

Winnipeg Sun-- Many happy returns
Winnipeg Free Press-- Big Blue Beatdown in T. O.
Toronto Sun-- Ricky Ray's greatness not being viewed in-person
Toronto Star-- Ricky Ray, Argonauts down Blue Bombers


Friday, August 15-- Edmonton at Ottawa  ( 7:30 ET, 5:30 MT, 4:30 PT )  TSN Game Preview--

Video Highlights--
Game Recap--
Stats Pack--

Game Reviews:

12 Men-- 


Saturday, August 16-- Calgary at Hamilton ( 3:00 ET, 1 MT, Noon PT ) TSN Game Preview--  

Video Highlights--
Game Recap--
Stats Pack--

Game Reviews:

12 Men--  


Saturday, August 16-- Montreal at Saskatchewan ( 7 PM ET, 5 ST, 4 PT ) TSN Game Preview--

Video Highlights--
Game Recap--
Stats Pack--

Game Reviews:

12 Men-- 


Sunday, August 17 -- British Columbia at Toronto ( 7:30 ET, 4:30 PT )  TSN Game Preview--

Video Highlights--
Game Recap--
Stats Pack--

Game Reviews:

12 Men-- 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

CFL Players of the Week: Week Seven

Kevin Glenn's domination of the week seven Statistical sheet, propelled the BC Lions QB onto the Players of the Week rankings as Glenn collected the Offensive Player honours for the week, a nod of acknowledgment towards his 407 passing yards and rushing efforts on the week.

The Defensive files found mostly reviews of the Saskatchewan Roughriders' John Chick for week seven, his five tackles on the night securing his second Player of the Week award for the year.

The Riders also collected another honour from week seven work, as Jerome Messam, coming on in relief for Saskatchewan rattled off an impressive offensive outing, claiming the Top Canadian Award for the week.

Special teams provided some spark for a frustrated Hamilton Tiger Cats team with the Cats Brandon Banks making the highlight reel on a number of plays, his most impressive a 97 yard punt return for a touchdown in a losing cause for the Black and Yellow.

The four top selections for the week can be found below:

Offensive Player of the Week
Kevin Glenn, QB, British Columbia Lions

Defensive Player of the Week
John Chick, DE, Saskatchewan Roughriders

Special Teams Player of the Week
Brandon Banks , KR,  Hamilton Tiger Cats

Canadian Player of the Week
Jerome Messam, RB, British Columbia Lions review of the Players of the Week

Top Ten Plays of Week Number 7 

Ultimate Replay for Week Number 7 

Power Rankings For Week Number 7

Twelve Men on the Field Archive of the Players of the Week Listings for the 2014 season